Using The Auditorium at P.S. 48 for an Event?
Then you better make sure all the wires and cable are set up. Follow the information below to make sure you are ready to go!

photo 4
Picture 1
Open up the black cabinet door next to the piano. Turn on the master power.
photo 3
Picture 2
Make sure the surge protector is turned "on." The red light will be lit once the power cord is plugged in (see picture 4). The surge protector is located inside the black cabinet down at the bottom (hopefully!).
photo 5
Picture 3
Press the grey power button so that the red light is lit. This is located towards the top of the cabinet.
photo 1
Picture 4
Plug in the power cords at the other end of the stage, opposite the black cabinet and piano. This includes the master yellow extension cord.
photo 2
Picture 5
Make sure the audio jack is placed in the second slot on the bottom row. This is located at the bottom of the black cabinet.
Use this adaptor to connect audio to the headphone jack on a computer.