Remember, log in at the top right of the webpage. Hover over the black object until "sign in" appears. Click "sign in." If you need more help, read on.
  1. Ask a classmate for help.
  2. If that does not work, ask another classmate.
  3. If neither student can help, ask me. NOTE: I may growl at both of you... :)

Store your user name and password where you can find it.
To edit a page, click edit. Wiki editing is a lot like Microsoft Office. You can change font style and size, and so forth.
To insert a link to another page, click "link." Copy and paste the link in the bar that pops up.
Don't forget to save the page after editing it!
Only ONE person can edit the same page at a time. Look to the top of the page and make sure no one is editing the same page too.