Imagine Learning Not Working?

Need help with Imagine Learning on your classroom computers? Access the installation guide here. Go to page 10 for Mac computer installation directions. Figure out how to log in, start student sessions, pause or resume student sessions, view the teacher guide and lesson sequence and so forth. Some highlights are below.

1. *Make sure Shockwave is installed!*

You need to use the Full Installer that is found at the following website:
Scroll down to the "Shockwave Player" section and select the Full Installer for "Shockwave Player 10". Run that installer and then reboot the machine. Try to
install Imagine Learning, and everything should work fine.

2. Make sure the computer connects to the correct network.
Sometimes the network location where the computer accesses Imagine Learning changes just a little. This will cause your computer to "lose" its connection.
Click the colored circle (green, red, or maybe yellow) in the top right corner of your computer screen by where the time is displayed.
Click "show network setup." Follow the directions to redirect your computer to the right network.

Install Imagine Learning on Your Classroom Computers

If you computers do not have Imagine Learning installed already, follow these steps. Don't know if your computers have Imagine Learning installed? Check for a colored circled (green, red, or maybe yellow) in the top right corner of your computer screen by where the time is displayed. Before you being, make sure you are logged into the computer as NYCDOE, not student, not teacher. Also, make sure you have installed the full Shockwave!
1. Enter the school server IP address: in the address bar (where you type in a website name). If the computer asks you to update Microsoft Silverlight, say YES. Follow all the steps for this process before going on to step 2.
2. Click the Mac Client installer link. Say yes or continue or or agree or whatever you need to do that lets you continue the process!
3. Double click the folder called, Imagine Learning English.
4. Double-click the file marked Install ILE.

Now the Imagine Learning icon will show up in the dock (the bottom of the computer screen where programs are located).
1. Click the Imagine Learning icon. A window will pop up.
2. The radio button should be for "auto scan." Click the button labeled, "Start Scanning."
3. Click "connect." A long download will start. Let it happen!

Contact Imagine Learning

Or you can contact Imagine Learning here.

Imagine Learning Remote Help (Very Useful!)

Imagine Learning technicians can remotely access your computers to fix problems you may have.
First, read the FAQs to see if you can fix the problem. If not, request remote access here. Remote access is what I do to 'fix' Imagine Learning.
Download and accept all terms with the Bomgear program when it downloads.

Adding A Student to Imagine Learning

If you need to add a new student to Imagine Learning, ask Mr. Czarka if we have available accounts. If we do, follow these steps.
1. Log into Imagine Learning by clicking on "Manager Login" at the top right of the page. Ask Mr. Czarka for the username and password.
2. Click "students" under set up.
3. Find your teacher name. Click your name.
4. Click "add student" on the right side of the screen. A window will open up.
5. Click "new student."
6. Fill out all the biographical information. Hint: use the child's first name for the password, or something else that is easy to remember.
7. Click OK.

Forgot a Student Password?

1. Log into Imagine Learning. Hint: Click "Manager Log in" on the top right of the screen. Use the admin username and password.
2. Click set up in the middle of the screen.
3. Click the arrow to the left of your name to access your students' accounts. Select the student you need.
4. Click "edit student details" on the right side of the page.
5. Look for the password section of the student details pop up screen.

Pause / Resume / Stop a Student Session

Have to leave for a prep? Pause the student session!
1. Hold down the function key (fn) to the top and left of the number pad on the keyboard.
2. Keep holding down the "fn" key and press F4.
3. Enter the admin password.
4. Choose either "pause" or "resume" or "stop" student session.