To create your webpage link, follow these directions.
1. Type the name of your webpage in the empty box next to your name.
2. Highlight every letter of the name. Only the letters and nothing more!
3. Click "edit" above. See it? Look for it!
4. Click "link" on the tool bar that appears.
5. Make sure the "link name" is the same as you typed in.
6. Select "new window" by checking the box.
7. Click "add link."
8. Visit the webpage you just created.
9. Start developing your webpage. What will you focus on?
Make sure your webpage is appropriate for EVERYONE to see from 0 to 100 years old!
Student Name
Webpage Link
Jessica F.
jessicas webpage
Daniel G.
Dragon ball z
Stephanie M.
just you to see!
Katherine P.

Joshua O.
Carlos R.
Christian T.
just for you!!!!!
Sebastian T.
Black Ops 2
Alya V.
Alya's webpage
Campbell Y.
nba basketball