Learn Quick Tricks for Using an iPad, created by students!

Does the iPad screen not respond to touches? Follow these steps to "reboot" the iPad.

1. Hold down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds.
2. Hold until the Apple Logo appears. NOTE: ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen.
3. When the Apple Logo appears, let go of the buttons.
4. Let the iPad start up.
~Adapted from an apple discussion thread.

Importing Photos Into iMovie Tutorial

Learn how to import photos into iMovie. View the tutorial.
Created by Moises G., Thomas K., and Enmanuel M. (Spring 2013)

How To Upload Your Video to Vimeo from the iPad Tutorial

Learn how you can share your iMovie with the world. View the tutorial.
Created by Kiarah A., Demerson D., and Rosely A. (Spring 2013)

Alternate Version of "How to Upload Your Video to Vimeo" Tutorial (Espanol)

This video is going to help people upload their videos to Vimeo from an iPad. View the tutorial.
Created by Kabore A, Ashley P., and Janice C. (Spring 2013)

How to Zoom In and Out Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to zoom in and out using an iPad. View the tutorial.
Created by Jhon Ll. and Braulio A. (Spring 2013)

How To Take Pictures Using An Ipad Tutorial

This video shows the step by step way in taking pictures. View the tutorial.
Created by Marcky C. and Cristian A. (Spring 2013)

How to Crop a Photo and How to Take a Screenshot Tutorial

---Cómo Recortar Una Foto y Cómo Tomar Una Captura de Pantalla---

In English and Espanol. View the tutorial.
Created by Leanethe L. and Angels R.. (Spring 2013)